Welcome to courtship .In this time .I'm going to show you how to create a corsia million increase in just 3 .Simple steps .The first step is to get you .I'm going to click it on video and then click on a day .When we at new, we have a lot of different options .We can add from where you are .Now, we can add from YouTube .We cannot condemn you, or from Facebook, or from Dropbox, or even from a computer from YouTube .So, we go into YouTube, and we search for affiliate marketing for beginners, but we can't just use these days, they'll copyrighted .So, what you need to do is go to filters on, click on Creative, Commons .Does it shows us all the videos that the creator has put on YouTube for us to use for free legal aid, affiliate, marketing tutorial for beginners .Just click on it .Grab the Euro, go back to Christian and I want be want to do here is choose on video language .We're going to set this to English United States .Next play going to click on YouTube and we're going to paste the URL in hair and then upload the video .So you can see a video, isn't course you next, we will edit and customize it .Call Des our affiliate marketing video .Set this to public and we'll call this one marketing and then to Philly market and then we're going to say that now opposite help you will see information, updated, info updated .And now we have finished that one .We have added all video .Next step is to create our course page .This is the place our customers with access their course, after paying us for it .And if they can add new event to call this, our Test page .In the Euro can be test .Page .Course .I am .Net .And you can sit and look at it if you want this .Well, there's a lot more option .But for now we just came to save this Step 1 is done .We have added a video .Step two is now .We have created our course page .Now .We bring those two together instead of three posted .We'll go back to our video section .Scroll down to the video with just uploaded .Begin to come in here and help us with protection for this video .And then select .Yes .Require password to go with an E-ZPass for today 1, 2 3 4, how to say that .And then we simply take on the settings option .Again, from the drop-down, lists .We select add to our test page and just like that .I'll course video from Step One, is now on our course, page be created Institute .Let me show you what this actually looks like .Let's go to are very impatient and open all test match .And that is its affiliate marketing added to office space .We will open the actual self by clicking up here and there it is .When I click on it requires that I answer my password to your customers will receive the password when they pay you for the code to a PayPal or stripe button .It's all automated .I tied the password 1234 and he's a video step one at a video step to create aquaspace instead tree at the video course to the coolest page .This is all there is to it .